Some people think that criticizing children in public will hurt their self-esteem, but do you think in your children's life, each person he encounters will care about their self-esteem?  Their teachers? Their bosses?  Each of them will worry about your kids' self-respect?  People who blame by teachers or bosses in public and then suicide are many.  That being the case, it is better that you can sometimes correct children's mistakes directly in front of a few people.  It is like vaccinating, and in the future, if your children encountere teachers or bosses who love to curse, they will be more immune.  Some children rely on that their parents cannot blame them in public, because it is embarrassing.  The children will be reckless.  Parents can sometimes give them a lesson in front of a few people, and do not overindulge them.  You have to teach them when they are young.  At their rebellious period, it is difficult to guide them.  Spoiled children cannot obey their parents.  Elder's experiences can be examples.


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